Creating better time estimates for your projects

This time of the year we usually go for our winter team building to ski and snowboard together for a couple of days. 2017 started different for us. While we all enjoy most aspects of working remotely there are times when it is a lot better to share the same physical location. After several months of work we recently delivered an intranet application for a mid size organisation. This provided us with some breathing space and it seemed good timing…

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Mostly downhill in Balaton

DISCLAIMER: I like to go into details and I will do it in this blogpost. It is quite nice to have two team buildings per year! Considering that each person from our team works remotely, I would even say that three or four gatherings would be better. Leaving aside the non exactly introduction but clarification, the trip itself was awesome! If the purpose of a team building is to build stronger relationships with your colleagues, we’ve gone to the…

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