The Friday Weekly

Thanks to Mirko's initiative, we've been doing weekly team calls on Fridays for a couple of months. Don't get it wrong, we do team calls more often, but the Friday weekly's are just different. Around 14.00 PM we all gather in a call and each of us presents something special from his week. This can be a new tool that we discovered, an interesting course we attended, some problem we came across or anything else, like a nice little workaround how to…

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How do we approach a web project

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he asked me if we were to build his website how would the process look like. So I explained it to him and decided to write a blog post about that process. Regardless of the size of your website the basic idea remains more or less the same. You as the client come to us because you want a new site. We discuss the general idea in person if we happen to be in the same geographical location o…

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We welcome your comments

The main reason we have our blog is to share some news and ideas which might be useful for our readers. So we are very pleased when we see that the content we offer is appreciated. This week we received a very nice email from a reader of ours, Jovana Milutinovich, who asked us for permission to translate one of our articles into Serbo-Croatian. The piece is about what to be careful about when redesigning a webpage and you can see here how it…

Keep Reading by Avi Barouh Avi Barouh