A Product Manager's Curriculum

A product manager wears many hats. You need to be a facilitator, a project manager, a dealmaker, a stand-in UX expert and many more things. This is a profession I'm still learning, but being able to grow every day of the week is the greatest inspiration. Besides learning from the everyday tussles on the battlefield that is the workplace, I spend at least an hour everyday with reading. Here's a list of books that shouldn't miss from any product ma…

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European Liberties Platform Facelift

Change is great, as I mentioned in the conclusion of my previous post on the blog. This year started with yet another change: we updated the design of the European Liberties Platform. European Liberties Platform is an independent watchdog working to inform and mobilize citizens for the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all. We created the Liberties website about one year ago, and it has been one of my personal favourites eversince. No…

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Várbíró Üveg

I've been always amused by the design of everday things, by the use of colors, scale and typography, but I'm more of a bad drawer and also entirely lacking manual skills, so I kind of decided a long while ago to stay an admirer rather than creator. Also I have always been interested in website design and front-end development, but I've never had the determination to dive deep in the subject. There was always something else. Some time ago, maybe…

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Istvan Kohar

I met Kohi (István Kohár) about 10 years ago in Budapest. He was part of a group of people that represent Budapest and the image that I had of Hungary. We spent a few nights in the then emerging abandoned buildings and factories that were transformed into nightclubs drinking fröccs and pálinka and talking about sports, design and architecture. Lots of fun :)  3 years ago we decided to create our own office in Brussels and we asked Kohi to help u…

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New outlook, same priorities

We are thrilled to share with you that, since this Monday, the website of the World Jewish Congress features brand new outlook and offers a much improved user experience. For the refining of the application we bet on responsive design practices and much stronger visual presentation.  We took over the rebuilding of WJC's website in 2007 and have been managing it ever since. Witnessing the continuous shifting of media consum…

Keep Reading by Avi Barouh Avi Barouh