State of the Union

This is a joint post that we wrote with Avi while looking back on the past year of the company. In 2017 we worked 6,297 hours, the developers did 12k code commits and 700 merge requests. We also streamed 38 events in the European Parliament and visited 3 continents. The biggest project that we worked on last year was an intranet application for an organisation with international ties. It took 4 months and most of the team to get it done but we a…

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FiveHigh Skatepark Website

I was real happy when Avi told me that we will be building a website for the recently inaugurated indoor skatepark in Sofia. To clarify my reaction, I have been a rollerblader for the past 11 years and though I faced some injuries and spent time off my blades, the passion for rollerblading kept burning in me. FiveHigh Skatepark Coming up with the web design for a physical location such as a skatepark, was an interesting part of the process. Each…

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Photomarathon by FotoFabrika from Evermore

FotoFabrika 2016 is about to happen for the 3rd year in a roll and this year, they prepared a marathon for you. Photomarathon is the ultimate one day event for the viewfinder lovers. It will be held on the 10th of September 2016 in Sofia and I would say that it's a must attend if you are in town. As a photographer, I was very happy to hear that I was given the chance to work on the building of their website. Everything in connection to photograph…

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Collaboration for Remote Development Teams

Evermore is a remote team with no physical office. This means every team member is working from their home, a coworking space or any place with a proper Internet connection. With all of its challenges, we love this setup and wouldn’t change it for something else. This year we made a big leap forward with the collaboration of our development team. I decided to list some of the things that work for us. 1. Git. Git is an open-source distributed ver…

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Várbíró Üveg

I've been always amused by the design of everday things, by the use of colors, scale and typography, but I'm more of a bad drawer and also entirely lacking manual skills, so I kind of decided a long while ago to stay an admirer rather than creator. Also I have always been interested in website design and front-end development, but I've never had the determination to dive deep in the subject. There was always something else. Some time ago, maybe…

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Even if you don't have a TV, don't read the news and feel one step behind with what is happening with the world like me, you would have noticed that people all over the world took the streets in protest agaist the reality in which they live. Fotofabrika is a new yearly photography festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival's first edition focuses mainly on the protests with images from Reuters, AFP and DPA from Syria, Wall Street, Turkey, Urkain…

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