State of the Union

This is a joint post that we wrote with Avi while looking back on the past year of the company. In 2017 we worked 6,297 hours, the developers did 12k code commits and 700 merge requests. We also streamed 38 events in the European Parliament and visited 3 continents. The biggest project that we worked on last year was an intranet application for an organisation with international ties. It took 4 months and most of the team to get it done but we a…

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Conditional links with Ember.JS

Every once in a while you will find yourself in a situation that you want to display a link if a specific scenario is met. Like user authorisation for example. You can easily achieve this in Ember. Just wrap the link-to component in an if statement and you are done. Although nothing is wrong with this approach, after couple of blocks like that I start to get tired of having to nest my links. But we can easily do better than this by introducing ou…

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