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Sync contacts from Rails to Exchange server

As a Rails developer I sometimes face the challenge to work with Microsoft servers and services. My latest challenge was to get Rails working with Windows Exchange server. Microsoft Exchange Server is calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager. My task was to make it possible to sync contacts from a Rails application to the Exchange server. This appears to be very time consuming task if you write the API protocol from scratch. Fortun…

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Add syntax highlighting to Ghost with Prism.JS

We are software development company and as such, we will blog about code from time to time. I know that I would do it as I am one of the company's developers. That's why we needed to add syntax highlighting to our blog. Ghost is really nice platform (even though is not completely finished yet) and it's a breeze to extend to meet your needs. Prism.JS For syntax highlighting library, we choose Prism.JS, which is really nice and as the site says, it…

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