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Livecasts Redesign

This month we did a complete redesign of our streaming platform, Livecasts. Livecasts has been active in it's previous form since 2013. Throughout the years we have streamed many events, mostly from the European Parliament, organized by the ALDE Group and the ECR Group among many others. One of our other notable clients is MyMicroInvest, for whom we streamed many crowdfunding events. After using the same design for more than 3 years, we decided…

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We are hiring!

If you are reading this, chances are you followed our breadcrumbs on the social media. Congrats! This means that you already stepped halfway through our virtual entrance. We are looking for a person to help us, with our conference live streams. The job includes: Preparation of a streaming page with our easy to use content management system Monitor streaming page during live event Control speaker program and presentation slides during live event…

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Adaptive bitrate

We started streaming for the first time in 2010 for the UN Watch in Geneva. It is one of those stories that helped us shape ourselves. A client asked if we can do something we've never done before, and we said, no but we will find out how to do it. So Anton dived into research and David and I had to go shopping for some hardware. Since we'd been filming and editing video for quite some time, we managed to pull the event mostly with the existing h…

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Custom features of our streaming application

A few weeks ago we streamed a training session for a major Belgian corporation. Apart from the standard streaming services that we usually provide we got a request from our client to add a new functionality to our platform. The feature allowed us to gather and save information provided by the viewers who have watched the live event. Our aim was to build this feature in a way that requires the least attention from viewers, letting them focus on th…

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We have been quiet for a while. We have been cooking a couple of things. We will let you know about them soon. In the meantime we are proud to share with you that this afternoon we will stream an event who’s cause we support strongly. We believe in freedom. We support LGBT rights and we are proud to be part of this.  We will be live in about 4 hours from now on this link:  http://ilga-europe.org/home/n…

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Multi-Lingual Streaming

Live streaming is not a new addition to our repertoire, we've been doing this for a several years now. However, there is always room for improvement and new technological approaches. Today we streamed an event from Brussels with multiple language support. What does that eventually mean? Viewers of the stream were able to choose which audio channel they want to hear: Dutch or French. This service was complemented by a log…

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