Mellow: the Announcement

I am very proud to present Mellow. A collaborative photo database for teams. We started working on it a year ago and we spent over 750 hours of work on it so far. We did not raise any startup money for it. We funded it ourselves. We did it in the free time that we managed to find. Today we completed step one (I am not sure out of how many). We have a website for it. Over the next 2 weeks we will release the Beta version which will be free to u…

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Even if you don't have a TV, don't read the news and feel one step behind with what is happening with the world like me, you would have noticed that people all over the world took the streets in protest agaist the reality in which they live. Fotofabrika is a new yearly photography festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival's first edition focuses mainly on the protests with images from Reuters, AFP and DPA from Syria, Wall Street, Turkey, Urkain…

Keep Reading by Avi Barouh Avi Barouh