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Creating better time estimates for your projects

This time of the year we usually go for our winter team building to ski and snowboard together for a couple of days. 2017 started different for us. While we all enjoy most aspects of working remotely there are times when it is a lot better to share the same physical location. After several months of work we recently delivered an intranet application for a mid size organisation. This provided us with some breathing space and it seemed good timing…

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Road Bumps in Project Management Pt. 1

It is now almost 1 year since I began my occupation in project management and I've noticed a pattern of useful steps which I feel are worth sharing. Introducing clients to the process "We are almost done, but the client is mocking up ideas for the navigation." Clients should be fully aware of the whole process and each cycle in it. From the very beginning when the development team collects necessary insights about the requirements, through the in…

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This Is How We Do: Agile For Small Distributed Teams

In some of my earlier blog posts I have already touched the topic of using Scrum as a project management framework and me becoming a Certified Scrum Master this summer. Scrum is an extremely popular tool for managing software development projects and provides great guidelines for becoming more organised in your work. However, it was orignially tailored for collocated development teams with a minimum headcount of 5-7 people. As you know Barouh &a…

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Becoming a Certified ScrumMaster

I can produly present I have become a Certified ScrumMaster last month after completing a course and the corresponding exam. Now what does that actually mean? Scrum is an agile software development framework that helps teams to better organise and manage the product development process. The main goals of Scrum are the following: Preparing for change. With Scrum you don't follow a predetermined plan along the whole development process, but you fin…

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But how is it possible?

Last week I went a little emotional reminiscing about the initiation of the latest Barouh & Partners project led by me. The story continues in this week's blog post, but this time I will try and keep things on the technical side. As promised I am dropping a little summary about the project management framework we used for the development of the European Liberties Platform. Disclaimer: In this blog article I will refrain from giving a professi…

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How do we approach a web project

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he asked me if we were to build his website how would the process look like. So I explained it to him and decided to write a blog post about that process. Regardless of the size of your website the basic idea remains more or less the same. You as the client come to us because you want a new site. We discuss the general idea in person if we happen to be in the same geographical location o…

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