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Getting Better in Product Development (A Personal Narrative)

In his latest post Avi mentioned that we are getting better with estimating and managing our workload. I can confirm this is all true; we learned a lot in the last couple of years and we keep learning. I decided to share some of the most important steps in my workflow as a product manager; things I'm doing better than before and things I intend to do even better. Before I start I'd like to make it clear that we are an agency. In most of the times…

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Collaboration for Remote Development Teams

Evermore is a remote team with no physical office. This means every team member is working from their home, a coworking space or any place with a proper Internet connection. With all of its challenges, we love this setup and wouldn’t change it for something else. This year we made a big leap forward with the collaboration of our development team. I decided to list some of the things that work for us. 1. Git. Git is an open-source distributed ver…

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#workaroundtheworld - Varna

My daughter lives in Varna which makes me travel there often. I like to experiment with things in general and this trip is a very nice experiment by itself. First of all we took the train to Varna last night. It takes about 8h to get here which is very slow but when you get a sleeping carrige you don't mind. Check the trains website for details: http://bdz.bg Lately with some help :) I have discovered a few cool places for work. The one I have b…

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My Varna Workstation

Not so cold during the Winter and the nicest place to spend the Summer. The Seaside - probably the main reason I love to live and work in Varna. Let me introduce you my workplace. I rent a small office space in the heart of the city and so far I am happy with it. Also it's quite cheap. I like to come and work here because there is no one else around and I can concentrate on my tasks. I work form my home as well, but sometimes I want to hide from…

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My Brussels Workstation

I wrote in an earlier blog post that I travel often. When I am in Brussels which lately is about 2 weeks per month on average this is where I work from. I cleaned up my desk for the picture and usually it has more paper and cups of coffee but here is a list of what is always there: Macbook Air Notebook and pen; I take better written notes on paper when on a call. 30" Cinema Dsiplay; I have had this one since 2007 but it was a 2005 model. I ha…

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Packing for Berlin

This blogpost is a response to the one Avi wrote a few weeks ago about his travel essentials. While he focused mainly on his carry on items I will share my practices for packing in general. The occasion is that I recently flew to Berlin where I met with him for the first time since our team building at the Bulgarian sea side. The items that I take with me no matter where I go are my phone and computer so I stay in touch with the world and my runn…

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