Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The David Version

Since we all work remotely from different cities across Europe we all meet once or twice a year with everyone in the company to spend a couple of days together. Last summer we camped on the Bulgarian seaside which was an amazing experience and this winter we decided to go to the Rila Mountains. Below is a journal of what happend with the seven of us this January in the mountains. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together Sofia’s airport is located o…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The Ivo Version

This is going to be a long read and hopefully not a painful one… Before laying my story about the team building, I must say that this experience was special for me in every possible way. To start with dislocating my shoulder for the 6th or 7th time, a couple of weeks before the gathering was a downer. Nevertheless I though that I could be documenting the trip by taking photos. There was a plan for a short video, but the weather conditions total…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The Balázs Version

Two weeks ago we had yet another great team building in Bulgaria. This week we will share our experiences one by one everyday. The honour is mine to start the series. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together I've always had this feeling about Bulgaria that opposed to every other country on this planet it is considered kinda cool to be Hungarian. At least the taxi driver spoke very fondly about my country on my way downtown from the airport. Of cours…

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