start-up my ass

We Are (becoming) EVERMORE

We created Barouh and Partners almost 10 years ago, in December 2006 to be exact.  We went to all the classic small company periods: we never said no to any client and any requirement, we offered a wide (any) range of services, we accepted unrealistic deadlines and budgets; We basically tried it all.  We believe that we made an enormous progress as individuals and as a team in those years. Our current team is the best we ever had, every single p…

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Mellow: the Announcement

I am very proud to present Mellow. A collaborative photo database for teams. We started working on it a year ago and we spent over 750 hours of work on it so far. We did not raise any startup money for it. We funded it ourselves. We did it in the free time that we managed to find. Today we completed step one (I am not sure out of how many). We have a website for it. Over the next 2 weeks we will release the Beta version which will be free to u…

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