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State of the Union

This is a joint post that we wrote with Avi while looking back on the past year of the company. In 2017 we worked 6,297 hours, the developers did 12k code commits and 700 merge requests. We also streamed 38 events in the European Parliament and visited 3 continents. The biggest project that we worked on last year was an intranet application for an organisation with international ties. It took 4 months and most of the team to get it done but we a…

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Status Check

This is an update of an old blog post I originally wrote 3 and half years ago while I was living in Brussels. At the time I wrote it I was heavily under the Basecamp influence. What has changed for us since March 2013? We still use Basecamp for small projects and Harvest for time tracking, estimates and invoices. We replaced Campfire with Slack and we try to stay off e-mails as much as possible. In terms of people we are now 8 people living in…

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