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State of the Union

This is a joint post that we wrote with Avi while looking back on the past year of the company. In 2017 we worked 6,297 hours, the developers did 12k code commits and 700 merge requests. We also streamed 38 events in the European Parliament and visited 3 continents. The biggest project that we worked on last year was an intranet application for an organisation with international ties. It took 4 months and most of the team to get it done but we a…

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Mostly downhill in Balaton

DISCLAIMER: I like to go into details and I will do it in this blogpost. It is quite nice to have two team buildings per year! Considering that each person from our team works remotely, I would even say that three or four gatherings would be better. Leaving aside the non exactly introduction but clarification, the trip itself was awesome! If the purpose of a team building is to build stronger relationships with your colleagues, we’ve gone to the…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The David Version

Since we all work remotely from different cities across Europe we all meet once or twice a year with everyone in the company to spend a couple of days together. Last summer we camped on the Bulgarian seaside which was an amazing experience and this winter we decided to go to the Rila Mountains. Below is a journal of what happend with the seven of us this January in the mountains. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together Sofia’s airport is located o…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The Avi Version

I believe that the team that we have now is the best team we have ever had. Everyone seems to get along with everyone and we share most of the priorities in life. This time we did not have much time to organise it as we had a big event in Poland just a few days before that so some of the organisational aspects were freestyle. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together I arrived to Sofia from Krakow the previous night, spent the evening and a bottle…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The Zlatan Version

Teambuildings, the one of the many things that I like about Barouhandpartners. We do one every 6-7 months and it's always awesome! Sometimes challenging for myself but still really awesome! Winter is not my kind of season but this slowly starts to change as I already bought my first Snowboard equipment. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together This day started for me pretty early - around 5:30 a.m. - with a trip form Burgas to Sofia. 5 hours driving…

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Barouh & Partners in the Mountains - The Mirko Version

Remote work is great, but spending time together is awesome. That's why we try to meet twice a year so we can bound and build the team. For our latest team building we wanted to snowboard/ski, that's why we choose Rila lakes as our location. Friday, 30 January - Getting Together Working from home means that I can just wake up, brush my teeth and start working. That's why I decided to stay at a friend of mine, who lives a good 30 minute walk from…

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