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Collaboration for Remote Development Teams

Evermore is a remote team with no physical office. This means every team member is working from their home, a coworking space or any place with a proper Internet connection. With all of its challenges, we love this setup and wouldn’t change it for something else. This year we made a big leap forward with the collaboration of our development team. I decided to list some of the things that work for us. 1. Git. Git is an open-source distributed ver…

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The Friday Weekly

Thanks to Mirko's initiative, we've been doing weekly team calls on Fridays for a couple of months. Don't get it wrong, we do team calls more often, but the Friday weekly's are just different. Around 14.00 PM we all gather in a call and each of us presents something special from his week. This can be a new tool that we discovered, an interesting course we attended, some problem we came across or anything else, like a nice little workaround how to…

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