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Packing for Berlin

This blogpost is a response to the one Avi wrote a few weeks ago about his travel essentials. While he focused mainly on his carry on items I will share my practices for packing in general. The occasion is that I recently flew to Berlin where I met with him for the first time since our team building at the Bulgarian sea side. The items that I take with me no matter where I go are my phone and computer so I stay in touch with the world and my runn…

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All I need

I lived in Sofia until the age of 10. I flew once to the seaside. I will never forget that flight and how my cup was sliding on the foldable table because of the vibrations. At the age of 10 we moved to Brussels with my family where we spent 4 years. We flew back to Sofia twice a year. I then moved to Israel for 5 years. I flew home 3 times a year. Then we moved to Mexico for 4 years, Madrid for a year and ever since I live in Bulgaria and Belgi…

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