We are hiring!

If you are reading this, chances are you followed our breadcrumbs on the social media. Congrats! This means that you already stepped halfway through our virtual entrance.

We are looking for a person to help us, with our conference live streams.

The job includes:

  • Preparation of a streaming page with our easy to use content management system
  • Monitor streaming page during live event
  • Control speaker program and presentation slides during live event
  • Trim video footage after event
  • Update streaming page with the trimmed footage

Technical requirements:

  • Reliable internet connection with decent bandwidth
  • Good computer configuration

Needed skills:

  • English - not fluent, but we do need you to be comfortable with both writing and speaking.
  • Basic to advanced video editing skills
  • Team spirit

Last but not least, you definitely need to have a problem solving attitude!

You can see an exemplary streaming page with a VOD, following this link: Crowdfunding by MyMicroInvest

If you want to bring this to the next level, drop us a line at: hello@weareevermore.com

Counter countdown…15…10…5...We are live!

Ivaylo Mladenov

About Ivaylo Mladenov

Photographer, video editor, digital bellboy and a rollerblader. I also love one of the most common things among people. Music! It has been there forever.

  • Writing from Sofia

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